Designing and Analyzing Network Anonymity Solutions



The onion routing (OR) network Tor is undoubtedly the most widely employed technology for anonymous web access. It is also arguably the second most employed privacy-enhancing technology after TLS. Despite its success, the existing Tor network faces significant challenges on the privacy front, and its privacy is considered to be broken against any strong adversary.
In this talk, I will describe the landscape of the network anonymity solutions, discuss the inherent lower bounds that we find necessary for anonymous communication over the Internet, and present some novel directions that we are working on.



Prof. Aniket Kate

Associate Professor,
Purdue University,
West Lafayette,



Prof. Aniket Kate is an Associate Professor in the computer science department at Purdue University. He is an applied cryptographer and a privacy researcher. His research builds on and expands applied cryptography, distributed computing, and data-driven analysis to solve security/privacy problems in decentralized environments. His current projects focuses on communication freedom and distributed ledgers (or blockchains).