Research Projects

Ongoing Projects

  • AnoMed: Competence cluster anonymization for medical applications (BMBF)
  • CoContext: Distributed clustering methods for audio fingerprints for contact context estimation
  • EDIH.SH: European Digital Innovation Hub Schleswig-Holstein
  • ENCOPIA: ENabling COnnected PrIvacy Assurance (BMBF)
  • HaSPro: Verifiable Hardware Security for Out-of-Order Processors (DFG)
  • Jupiter: Unique Identification for trusted Mikroelektronics in Chiplets (BMBF)
  • MLens: Privacy-preserving distributed smartphone applications to train a classifier for ECG-based diseases
  • PeT-HMR: Automated penetration-testing through artificial intelligence (BMBF)
  • PRIVEE: Privacy-preserving extensions of contact-tracing apps
  • RILKOSAN: Resilient communication systems with high availability of networks and devices (BMBF)
  • SAM-Smart: Security Assistence Manager for the Smart Home (BMBF)
  • SASVI: Security at all Levels for Networked Systems and Devices in Critical Infrastructures (BMBF)
  • SecFShare: Secure Sharing of FPGAs in the Cloud (DFG)
  • SILGENTAS: Security in the intelligent networked home (BMBF)
  • SILKOSTU: Safety in intelligent communication between road users and urban infrastructure (BSI)
  • Sec4IoMT: Security for the Internet of Medical Things (BMBF)
  • VeDS: Trustworthy data exchange for distributed power grids (Land Schleswig-Holstein)

Completed Projects

  • EMSIK: Endpoint Monitoring to Protect Industry 4.0 in SMEs (EU.SH)
  • HARPY: Protecting Cloud CPU-FPGA Platforms from Microarchitectural Attacks (Intel)
  • KI-Lab: KI Lab Lübeck (BMBF)
  • KI-SIGS: KI-Space für intelligente Gesundheitssysteme (BMWI)
  • PQC4MED: Efficient and Secure Implementation of Post Quantum Cryptography for Embedded Medical Devices (BMBF)
  • STACC: Stopping Microarchitectural Attacks through Constant-time Code (DFG)