Bachelor and Master Theses

This is a list of current proposed topics and research areas for theses. The degree column serves as an indicator for the expected complexity, but usually it is possible to adjust the scope to also fit other degrees. If you are interested in one of these topics, please get in touch with the indicated contact person. If you would like to write a thesis with us, but don't find a suitable topic on this list (or if you have your own idea), please contact us anyway.

Topic Degree Contact person
Privacy-Preserving Simulation of Smart Cities Bachelor Esfandiar Mohammadi
Runtime Attestation for Open-Source Enclaves Bachelor Thomas Eisenbarth
Fairness and Backdoors in Federated Learning for Health Applications Bachelor Thorsten Peinemann
Self-Healing of Neural Networks Against Backdoors in Federated Learning Bachelor Thorsten Peinemann
Undetectable Backdoors and Neutralisation of Backdoors in Machine Learning Bachelor Thorsten Peinemann
Black-Box Discovery of Differential Privacy Violations for Neural Network Training Bachelor Thorsten Peinemann
Differentially Private Evolutionary / Genetic Algorithms Bachelor Marven Kummerfeldt
Smoothed Sensitivity for Differentially Private Clustering Bachelor Johannes Liebenow
Differentially Private Data Range Approximation Bachelor Johannes Liebenow
Analyzing the security implications of the CXL.mem protocol Bachelor Thore Tiemann
Analyzing the security implications of the CXL.cache protocol Bachelor Thore Tiemann
Stealthy kleptographic crypto systems Master Thomas Eisenbarth
White-box cryptography Master Alexander Treff
Securing cryptographic implementations Master Alexander Treff
Trusted Execution Environments on Open-Source Processors Master Thomas Eisenbarth
Analyze Profoundness / Tightness of Differentially Private Algorithms Master Moritz Kirschte
Instrumentation and Code Analysis on OS-less Devices Master Florian Sieck
Systematic Analysis of Data Privacy in JavaScript Contexts Master Florian Sieck
Detection and Analysis of Cryptographic Primitives Master Anna Pätschke
Optimization of RSA key reconstruction algorithms Master Florian Sieck

Completed Theses


Degree Author Title
Bachelor Anja Köhl Javascript Tracing
Bachelor Ruben Meyer Differentiable Traffic Simulation
Bachelor Carolin Briem Improving neural networks by using attention mechanisms
Bachelor Nick Mahling Reverse-engineering des Pattern History Tables auf Intel CPUs
Bachelor Andre Edler Experimental Evaluation of Differentially Private Clustering Algorithms
Bachelor Benedict Strunk Privacy Attacks on Users of Public EV Charging Stations
Bachelor Christoph Hacker Fast And Secure Outsourced Machine Learning
Master Pajam Pauls Extending maskVerif to Advanced Masking Schemes
Bachelor Alexander Heimann Electricity Grid Modelling in a Smart City Simulation
Bachelor Marcel Heisel Implementing Secure Aggregation for mobile devices
Master Volodymyr Bezsmertnyi Hardware-assisted fault injection emulation
Bachelor Till Eifert Implementing Fault Attacks on BIKE
Bachelor Malte Terje Klasen Automatic Generation of Low-Interaction Web Application Honeypots from CVE and CWE Records
Bachelor Valentin von Plata Attacking Disk Encryption in AMD SEV
Bachelor Thilo Beccard Using ZombieLoad for co-location detection between MicroVMs
Bachelor Marcel Pflaeging Variants of DPSGD


Degree Author Title
Master Felix Mächtle Automated vulnerability detection in Java
Bachelor Finn Burmester Retrofitting Remote Control-Flow Attestation for ARM TrustZone
Master Jonah Heller Adapting Lattice-based Attacks to break Diffie-Hellman
Master Anja Rabich Obfuscuro-Reloaded: Obfuscation of binaries using static instrumentation in Intel-SGX
Bachelor Peter Hodgkinson Evaluation of a privacy preserving smart city simulation based on Cities: Skylines
Bachelor Eric Landthaler Analyzing the impact of fine-tuning foundation models on the performance of DP-SGD
Bachelor Max Schulze Privacy-Preserving Process Mining
Bachelor Jannik Westenfeld Estimating Input Distributions of Partial Background Knowledge for Differential Privacy Mechanisms
Master Nils Loose VULPEX: Vulnerable path exploration in dynamic symbolic execution using machine learning
Bachelor Jonas von der Heydt Boosting sequential composition for noiseless privacy via subsampling
Bachelor Julian Grimm lmproving the Corona Warn App with human activity recognition
Bachelor Nico Winkel Implementing Clustering Algorithms with Secure Multiparty Computation using SCALE Framework
Master Julia Tönnies On the Leakage Resilience of the Sponge Construction and its Relation to XMSS by the Usage as a Building Block of SHA-3
Master Sophie Ketelsen Fault Attacks on BIKE
Bachelor Adrian Billen Implementation of Cryptographic Reverse Firewalls
Bachelor Jack Mähl Implementation of covert MPC protocols
Master Paula Arnold Prevention of combined probing and fault attacks using active multiparty computation in the honest-majority setting
Bachelor Olaf Bernhardt Split-Streams - Improving on a scalable mixnet functionality
Bachelor Timothy Imort Automated Activation of the Acoustic Scene Classification in the Corona-Warn-App
Bachelor Krasen Heinemeier Membership Inference Attack on Random Forest Regression Models
Master Johannes Liebenow Differentially Private Aggregation of Mobility Data
Master Anna Pätschke Cipherleaks Countermeasures
Bachelor Frederik Lehmann Analyse der Uniformität von Knapsack-Verteilungen
Bachelor Alexander Hermle Microwalk framework with QEMU


MasterMoritz KirschteMassively Distributed Privacy-preserving Machine Learning on Large-scale Medical Applications
BachelorLeon DietrichHow to build an FPGA based PCIe fuzzer
BachelorChristopher PeredyMAMBO-V: A RISC-V Port of the Microwalk Framework
BachelorBuesra AytenOptimized Signature Schemes via Compression
BachelorChris VennAlgorithm Substitution Attacks on Matrix
MasterThorsten PeinemannThe Inside Story: Towards Understanding Privacy Leakage of Neural Networks
MasterMoritz WelbergContext Aware Anomaly Detection in Industrial Control Systems via Machine Learning
MasterJonas SanderSecure and Fast Outsourced Machine Learning
MasterAlexander TreffSide-Channel Attacks against Neural Network Hardware Accelerators
MasterMarven KummerfeldtThe Curse of Dimensionality for Additive Noise
BachelorDaniel WidmerTrading Computation Time for Energy
BachelorChristopher KrebsAlgorithms for RSA key recovery
BachelorMoritz DornOptimizing the Picnic Signature Scheme for Small Devices
MasterThéo GiovannaPrivacy-​Preserving Machine Learning for Cyber Insurance
BachelorKevin RichterPrecision of city simulations using publicly available city data
BachelorKilian ZeiseweisEvaluation of Injected Data from an Adapted Smart City Simulation
MasterNiclas KathPrivacy Concerns in Models about Physical Activity
MasterNadja AoutoufLearning advanced differential privacy mechanisms with fixed data order


MasterLucas BergmannAnomaly Detection for Intrusion Detection
BachelorAnja RabichSoftware-based Undervolting Faults in AMD Processors
MasterGilian HenkeAttacks on DDR4 Memory Scrambling
BachelorTim-Henrik TravingPractical Analysis of Algorithm Substitution Attacks
MasterChristoph PeglowSecurity Analysis of Intel's Input/Output Memory Management Unit (IOMMU)
BachelorMoritz NicklasSecurity Analysis of Contact-less Smart Cards on Campus
BachelorJulia GawlikQuantification of information leakages in binaries
MasterLuca WilkeInjection Attacks on Secure Encrypted Virtualization
BachelorTim GellersenSide-Channel Attacks on Post-Quantum Signature Scheme Picnic
BachelorPajam PaulsAn Analysis of Contemporary Attacks on White-Box Implementations
MasterThore TiemannExploiting Cache Side-Channels on CPU-FPGA Cloud Platforms
MasterMalte StoffersAnalysis of microarchitectural attacks on ARM-platforms
BachelorNils GutjahrAttacks on AVX-512
BachelorMichael BrücknerMinimizing The Use of Personal Information in a Given Legacy System Via Data Synthesis


Degree Author Title
Bachelor Volodymyr Bezsmertnyi Fingerprinting and Secret Extraction in Docker Multi-Container Applications via Memory Deduplication
Bachelor Anna Pätschke Security Analysis of a JSON RPC API with JavaScript Frontends
Bachelor Gordon Dahlke Low-Resource Eclipse Attacks on Alternative Ethereum Clients
Bachelor Oguzhan Tekin Side-Channel Analysis of a Compact AES FPGA Implementation
Bachelor Johannes Liebenow Anomaly Detection in Login Data
Bachelor Fabian Westphal Secure Data Transfer and Processing in an Enclave using Intel SGX


MasterNils KlawitterConfidential Data Storage on an IoT-oriented Distributed Ledger
BachelorFlorian DahlmannPKI for Automotive Applications
BachelorJonas SanderMemJam+Abort: Combining Two Microarchitectural Side-Channel Attacks
MasterJacqueline ThaeterGarbled Circuits: From White-Box Cryptography to Zero-Knowledge Proofs
MasterMoritz KrebbelBrowser-basierte Cache-Angriffe auf die RSA-Schlüsselgenerierung