Bachelor and Master Theses

This is a list of thesis topics that we currently offering. If you are interested in some of these, feel free to get in contact with the given contact persons. Please contact us also when you want to do your thesis at our institute, but do not find any interesting topic in this list, or have own ideas.

TopicDegreeContact Person
Porting the Microwalk Framework for ARM and RISC-VBachelorJan Wichelmann
Detecting Side-Channel AttacksBachelorIda Bruhns
Microarchitectural AttacksBachelor, MasterJan Wichelmann
CPU/FPGA SystemsBachelor, MasterJan Wichelmann
Secure Implementation of Post-Quantum CryptographyMasterJan Wichelmann
Kleptographic CryptosystemsMasterThomas Eisenbarth
White-Box CryptographyMasterOkan Seker
Attacks on Cloud Services, and CountermeasuresMasterIda Bruhns
Speeding up Browser-based Cache AttacksMasterIda Bruhns
Securing Cryptographic ImplementationsMasterOkan Seker

Completed Theses


BachelorFlorian DahlmannPKI for Automotive Applications
MasterMoritz KrebbelBrowser-based Cache Attacks on RSA key generation