Bachelor and Master Theses

This is a list of current proposed topics and research areas for theses. If you are interested in one of these topics, please get in touch with the indicated contact person. If you would like to write a thesis with us, but don't find a suitable topic on this list (or if you have your own idea), please contact us anyway.

TopicDegreeContact person
Detecting methods for side channel attacksBachelorIda Bruhns
Microarchitectural attacksBachelor, MasterJan Wichelmann
CPU/FPGA systemsBachelor, MasterThore Tiemann
Extending the Microwalk frameworkBachelor, MasterJan Wichelmann
Secure implementation of post quantum cryptographyMasterLuca Wilke
Stealthy kleptographic crypto systems MasterThomas Eisenbarth
White-box cryptographyMasterOkan Seker
Securing cryptographic implementationsMasterOkan Seker

Completed Theses


MasterLuca WilkeAMD SEV
MasterThore TiemannExploiting Cache Side-Channels on CPU-FPGA Cloud Platforms


BachelorGordon DahlkeLow-Resource Eclipse Attacks on Alternative Ethereum Clients
BachelorJohannes LiebenowAnomaly Detection in Login Data
BachelorAnna PätschkeSecurity Analysis of a JSON RPC API with JavaScript Frontends
BachelorFabian WestphalSecure Data Transfer and Processing in an Enclave using Intel SGX
BachelorOguzhan TekinSide-Channel Analysis of a Compact AES FPGA Implementation
BachelorTim GellersenDPA attack on Post-Quantum Signature Scheme Picnic


MasterNils KlawitterConfidential Data Storage on an IoT-oriented Distributed Ledger
BachelorFlorian DahlmannPKI for Automotive Applications
BachelorJonas SanderMemJam+Abort: Combining Two Microarchitectural Side-Channel Attacks
MasterJacqueline OttenGarbled Circuits: From White-Box Cryptography to Zero-Knowledge Proofs
MasterMoritz KrebbelBrowser-basierte Cache-Angriffe auf die RSA-Schlüsselgenerierung